Closed Cab Door Handles

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Closed Cab Door Handles

Postby MotorpoolMac » Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:54 pm

I have several styles of closed cab door handles. The first type is chrome and has a lobe on the rear and curls at the tip – the second I like it but painted instead of chrome. These two I would assume were the early civilian type. The third is curved more with no lobe and more pointed at the tip. I have also seen a handle with a keyed lock in it, similar to the lobed style.

The Ord-9 lists handles reads:

2112887 Handle, Door, Outside, Assembly (CCW, CCKW)
2112887 Handle, Left, Door, Outside, Assembly (CCKWX)
2118227 Handle, Right, Door, Outside, Assembly (CCKWX)

This dose not account for the number of different type of handles I have:

Chrome Civilian type w/lock
Chrome Civilian type w/o lock (1)
Painted Civilian type w/o lock (2)
Painted Military type (3) ... 0285099426

Can anyone tell me what trucks each of these are for? Thanks!

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