Spare tire carrier 'kit'

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Spare tire carrier 'kit'

Postby pfarber » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:00 am

Looks like someone is offering a 'kit' to weld up a spare tire carrier.

I looked into this 2-3 years ago and this guy could have e-mailed me instead of recreating the wheel.

There is no way to cost effectively forge the 's' brackets. So the next process is to cut out 3 sections (bottom and two sides) and weld/grind the bead to a somewhat decent radius... effectively making it cosmetically look like a forged part. *EVERY* shop I talked to recommended this process, as forging dies are a couple grand.

There are some problems. While welded parts are typically as strong as the metal they join, forged parts are stronger than plain steel.

Also the look of the finished product will be completely dependent on the welders ability to grind the beads into a convincing radius. I also doubt most home welders can properly weld (proper penetration and bead control) to make a part that will not stress crack or have weld beads that simply pop right off.

The biggest downside? A real spare tire carrier is about $500. This kit, is $500. There are plenty of tire carriers out there, just no one wants to spend $500 for them.

I also find it odd that this guy wants $500 for a kit, yes does not show the parts, or a completed unit.

Who whats to be one of the 10 volunteers to toss this guy $5000 for a kit that may or may not exist, that may or may not pass the 1 foot test?
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