Possible ID for WWII era bow corner

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Possible ID for WWII era bow corner

Postby pfarber » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:47 pm

I was installing new oak on my M35A2 and had to disassemble the old bows. That gave me a chance to compare them with cargo bows that I firmly believe that are WWII era/issue CCKW bows.

First the book stuff (Click on the images for the full size version)


This is from the Wood Body TUP Assembly manual dated 8 Sept. 1943 page 47.

Here is the same picture, but from the 10 March 1944 TM9-1801 page 382.. notice that the figure is labeled differently.


This image shows the 'proof' that I found.. note the red circle and the very clear NOTCH approx 3/4ths of an inch above the cut out:


So back to the cargo bows on my M35A2. First, the leather strap is not a pure WWII era tell. While the nylon straps would be a dead give away, the leather was used at least till the mid 60's for the M44 series trucks.

So, in this picture shows four bow corners. The two on the left are off a CCKW and the two on the right are off the M35A2. Note the notches in the red circles. I believe that these are the tells for a WWII era bow. Note that the two bows on the right are physically larger. That could be due to wear and use, but there is a physical size difference also.


This image shows the rest of the bows I have. Notice that just about every bow has a unique notch style... from a simple slit, to a half circle, the image below has a triangle, to a hump shape. You must click on the image to see the full size version and get a good clear looks at the notches.


Note that this notch is on BOTH sides of the bow:


None of the bows that I can find that are 'NOS' M35a2 bows have this notch. I have several quick dissemble bows used on the M35A2C and none of those have any notches either. The M35A2C used new production bows as no other drop side truck was produced.

So what are these notches for? My guess is that they were used to index the part in the press when it was stamped or welded. Since WWII would have had many, many sources of bows, that would account for the numerous notch styles.
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