WTF Amazon? I thought we were buds?

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WTF Amazon? I thought we were buds?

Postby pfarber » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:54 am

So twice in the last two weeks I've have issues with Amazon Prime shipping. The jist is *ANYTHING* marked as PRIME should get two day shipping. I order it Monday, it should be here Wednesday. Simple.

Well, I ordered a $9 3-pack of guitar strings and even though it was marked PRIME and IN STOCK it took two days to ship and USPS delivery say's I'll get it in 10 days(!). Next item was a replacement Garage door opener. Again, marked PRIME and IN STOCK, took 4 days, not 2 to get here.

It's nice that they extend my PRIME membership a month for each screw up (I've gotten 5 free months due to them screwing up in the past 6 years) but the shine is coming off Amazon's apple. There are two Amazon facilities within 1 hours driving distance of my house yet things still take 3 days (one to pack, two to Ship). I know that every facility does not have every product, but damn Amazon, get your shit together. Now most places are price matching online prices... so either PRIME has to bet much better or cheaper.... its not the great deal it used to be (its still a good deal, just not great).
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