zoolz, run by retards

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zoolz, run by retards

Postby pfarber » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:56 pm

So my online back is done by zoolz. I like the service and it suits my need (well, no linux client). So I call and get the office flunky who knows how to wipe the drool from his mouth and use the phrase 'it's easy' way to much.

So I call:

Me: "I would like to pay may bill, but there is no link on my account page and the upgrade button will only up sell, not, not renew"
Mr. Flunky: "Well, it's very easy, just email sales and they will send you a link to pay you bill"
Me: "That is not easy, easy is me pressing a button on my account page and paying my bill. Easy is NOT calling you, writing an email, THEN paying my bill".
Mr. Flunky "Duh........ hold on please"
Me: .....
Mr. Flunky "Did you get your renewal email? You have to send THAT email to sales, they will generate you a new invoice and you can pay that online.. .it very easy"
Me: "You keep saying it's easy, but now I have to find and OLD email, write a NEW email THEN pay the bill"
Mr. Flunky "Yes, you have to do that as the old invoice is not good anymore"
Me: "You know what is easy? Finding another service that knows how to bill their customers"
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