Back from Vacation!!

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Back from Vacation!!

Postby pfarber » Fri May 13, 2016 11:54 pm

Spent 3 weeks in China visiting family and did all sorts of tourist stuff. My ass is numb from the 17000+ miles I've flown in the last month.

Sichuan food sucks.. to damn spicy to the point you can't taste the ingredients.. people rave out it; but it's shit. Boiled meat or vegetables slathered in spices so hot you could be eating any random meat and simply never taste anything.

I liked that I got to meet everyone... but really there is nothing to do in China. Seen one pagoda, seen them all. The Panda's are lazy fucks, and the great wall is great only since the 1980's when they restored it for tourism. Dufu's park was nice, but really over hyped for what it is, and the Pandas... well, not even worth the trip. Sure Chinese love the damn things but as a 'day trip' its a bust.... unless you are there in summer when the birth the new cubs... but even then, meh.

K/G trains are ok, but nothing beats the high speed ones.

Good thing we ditched our plan to go south... place is kinda flooded. Anyway got to see my step-daughter again and visit her school... ride buses and subways and all that jazz. I'm sure Andi loved being home again.

I miss my step daughter already *sniff*
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