Site updates.. because Mozilla and Google are racist.

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Site updates.. because Mozilla and Google are racist.

Postby pfarber » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:56 pm

My SSL cert for was up... but I couldn't renew through my old provider because Google and Mozilla (Chrome and Firefox) are going to delist them as a Root CA for mistakes that EVERY OTHER CA HAS DONE.

Since all the 'major' CAs have done EXACTLY what StartSSL has done (aka issue certs to people that did not own the domain, backdate SHA-1 certs) the ONLY reason that StartSSL is getting removed MUST be because the owner is Chinese.

Here are some of the other Root CAs and the screwups they have done.. .yet THEY are not removed from Chrome/Firefox

Godaddy issues 8000+ certs that had to be revoked ... ed-1600711

Symantec issued SSL certs for domains that people did own (like Google!!!!) ... revocation

Symantec issued ANOTHER 100+ SSL certs in error (while Goolge had them 'on probation' from the issue above) ... oper-certs

So the errors made by StartSSL are nothing out of the ordinary. The ONLY difference between Godaddy and Samantec is that they are not Chinese.

Now I'm not saying that the Chinese Gov't isn't a pile of inbred goat fucking mouth breathers (they are) or that WoSign, StartSSL's new owner, is any more or less corrupt than the NSA or FBI or CIA, but to let the 'white' Root CA's slide on these errors while basically ending business viability of the 'yellow' one is just a bit to obvious.

Lets face it, Mozilla and the EFF are pushing their OWN free SSL certs and StartSSL was the only other large competitor.... so trumping up 'charges' that everyone else commits is just a little to obvious.
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