New hub day, and cv joint day....

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New hub day, and cv joint day....

Postby pfarber » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:21 am

The ABS on my F150 was acting up.. it would go off (pulse the pedal) for no reason. So after a few weeks of this I finally get to look at it (read that to mean it was finally above freezing for a day or two). Jack up the tuck and ABS cable looks good. Cannot see tone ring. Check the wheel and holy crap does it wobble. Ball joints/tie rods look good but the CV joint is sloppy. New hub time!

So I order two new hubs (might as well do them both) and I take off the hub and frack me look at that shaft (phrasing!)

rps20180209_101349.jpg (45.22 KiB) Viewed 1596 times

Look at the nice blue heat ring! I wonder how many people just replaced a hub and later complained that it failed because 'cheap Chinese crap' when they can't spend the extra $50 to fix it properly the first time.

Anyway, replaced the half axle CV thingy, bolted on new hub, wheel is tight and truck drives straight. Total cost was $115 for the one side. I still have to 2nd hub to replace... but I just put that sides CV axle thingy on in June because of a ripped boot so the axle should be fine.
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