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2700x2 in 6 days (PA->CA CA->PA)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:02 am
by pfarber
My little 2005 Equinox killed it. Great little car. No regrets in the money I spent over the last few months to keep it going. Averaged 70mph for 14+ hours a day with an 800lb empty trailer then 65mph average for 14+ hours a day with about 1700lbs in tow (airplanes are incredibly light).

I did manage to crack the windshield, and sleeping in the rear with the seats down in sub 20F weather is not as fun as it sounds (even with a blanket and wearing sweats). All in all I am happy with my little GM NOX and after a much needed oil change and detail I'll be back to Uber/Lyft to get fill the 'rebuild the airframe' fund.

For $600 in gas and $350 in airline tickets and maybe $150 in food I am WELL UNDER the $1500 I planned. Sure a new windshield might be another $200 but its nowhere close to the $3500-4500 I was quoted for a hotshot shipper.

One the way out I had to race to keep in front of the blizzard that was coming up from the southwest.. I got a small taste of the high winds on Tuesday night. The next week on the way back I was lucky that the floods in the midwest were south of I-80 and never really impacted my travel. The radio was full of reports on both storms... which kinda sucks if you have no idea where the cities they mention are. Is it 10 or 100 miles away??

By the end of summer I plan to fly my way to CA (should take about 15 hours) or Florida (6 hours). Cruising at 200mph should make short work of long trips.