Observations from a restoration.

For anything pulled by G508 and G506 trucks: artillery, cargo, water, gas, gen sets, directors etc.

Observations from a restoration.

Postby 33rdsignal » Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:18 pm

I would suggest buying stock in Gorilla glue, Irwin Quick grips, and a good quality wood filler. This is also a GREAT excuse to buy a good table saw!!

The original primer colors on the wood are a deep bluish gray, and red oxide. The wood was all primed, assembled and then oversprayed OD(discoved during disassembly)

The metal primer is Red oxide.

Panel Notes:
Left and Right Sides are 96 inches long by 17.5 inches tall. The thinkness of the wood is 5/8th of an inch.
Forward Panel is 45 1/4 inches long by 17 3/4 inches tall. The thinkness of the wood is 5/8th of an inch.
The panels are tongue and grooved and glued.
Panels are secured using 1/4-20 Step Bolts of various lengths. If the nut will rest on wood they will have a flat washer and a square nut.
If the nut will be against metal, then it is just the nut.
There are no lock washers on any of the hardware securing the wood. The square nuts are staked.
The Tie Downs are secured by Bolts and T-Nuts

Rack Notes:
Wood is secured by regular 1/4-20 carriage bolts of length. All bolts have flat washers on the nut side. Square nuts are staked.

General Notes:
Treat the wood with turpentine mixture.
PRIMER PRIMER PRIMER!! The wood sucks up paint real quick, so prime the wood first, allow to dry, then paint. I have found one coat of dry primer and 2 coates of paint are sufficient.
Broken bolts are your friend, it is easier to replace the bolt then try to salvage it, 9 times out of 10 you will mar up the wood trying to save the bolt.

Source for Repro Light Brackets(Excellent service and product)
Tom Campbell: Industele@aol.com

Source for Alot of Wooden Body Parts as well as bows and mechanical pieces (Excellent Service)
http://store.gish.org.uk/category/71-us ... ageindex=1

Newlife Review http://www.cckw.org/g518_tarpaulin.htm

Rack Plans:

Wiring Diagram:(this is for the metal one and doesnt have the junction block in it, but it pretty much the same)

Ben Hur Info:

Step Bolts(This is just to show what it is, shop around for the best deal you will need about a 100 of them just for the side panels)
http://products.coburnmyers.com/viewite ... step-bolts

http://store.gish.org.uk/category/71-us ... ageindex=1


Inner Bearing (large)
a) Roller and inner cone Timken #3576
b) Outer race cone Timken #3525

Outer Bearing (small)
a) Roller and inner cone Timken #2558
b) Outer race cone Timken #2523

Bearing Seal

US stock # G518-03-82801 (2 seals per package)
Made by Gerstenslager Co. of Wooster, OH
(Gerst. part #3109130)

Re: Observations from a restoration.

Postby pfarber » Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:31 pm


That's the link for the US trailer parts.
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