Annotating - The GMC CCKW truck in U.S. Service

Topics relating to the GMC 2 1/2 ton truck while in production, active duty service or post military use.

Annotating - The GMC CCKW truck in U.S. Service

Postby pfarber » Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:43 pm

This thread is going to be to document and clarify issues I have with the Doyle book "The GMC CCKW Truck in U.S. Service".

Since I do not have source material (thanks, GM) I will supply as much supporting documentation as I can from OFFICIAL TMs or properly dated and marked source material.

I have reviewed the book elsewhere.. Its a good book and I think every CCKW owner should have one... but Doyle really did do much other than publish the text of an internal GM/GMC memo about the war (this is stated in the book). So while many have never seen that document, I do not have the source material.

My BIGGEST complaint about the book is that when the narrative is left up to the author (not relying on the provided GM/GMC text) the author does a poor job and makes numerous errors. Here I will try and shed some light on them and hopefully add something to the otherwise good book.
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